Specialist maker of historical objects in bone, horn, antler, mammoth ivory and boxwood.




Whistle (nr. 311)

sheep bone

Whistles and flutes, made of long bones, are the oldest known musical instruments in north-western Europe. Digs at the site of the Roman garrison of Valkenburg (NL) have found semi-finished examples, showing that serial production methods were used. These whistles are so loud that they may well have been used for military drill. The bore goes through both ends, and one little round hole is pierced in the middle. The very loud sound is produced by stopping up both ends with finger and thumb, and blowing across the central hole (side-blown flute).

Other early whistles are the duck calls used for hunting water fowl; other similar whistles existed for a vast variety of birds.


dimensions: 40 – 70 x 15 mm

provenance: Amersfoort (NL) and Zeewijk (NL)

date: Prehistory until present day




















Whistle sheep bone (311)
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