Specialist maker of historical objects in bone, horn, antler, mammoth ivory and boxwood.




St. James shell (nr. 601)

the original is cast in tin
This late medieval pilgrim's badge was usually made of tin-lead alloy. The oldest pilgrim's badge in the Netherlands dates to the first half of the 14th century. Such badges were sold at the places of pilgrimage, serving as a visible recognition token among the pilgrims. They were sewn either onto the hat or onto the breast of the outer garment. The badges of Santiago de Compostela and Rome were each made of a different material. Wearing the badge of the double staff was a way of showing one was a pilgrim, like the scallop badge of Santiago.


dimensions: 42 x 30 mm
St. James shell the original is cast in tin (601)
price € 11,95
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