Specialist maker of historical objects in bone, horn, antler, mammoth ivory and boxwood.




Double-sided comb Deventer (NL) (nr. 532)

Combs have been used since prehistoric times. Not all combs are for cosmetic use: there are also louse-combs and weaving combs. Combs were made of wood, horn, antler and ivory. The combs of wood, horn or ivory are often in a single piece. Composite combs have also been found, from different time periods; these are made from antler or bone. An exception is a find of a single-piece bone comb, possibly a weaving comb, made from a metatarsus. The early medieval combs are mostly composite combs made of antler. The 14th century sees the rise in popularity of the double boxwood comb, with one row of normal teeth and one row of very fine teeth which served a louse-comb.


dimensions: 60 x 67 x 7.5 mm

provenance: Deventer (NL)

date: 15th century AD
Double-sided comb Deventer (NL) boxwood (532)
price € 53,95
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