Specialist maker of historical objects in bone, horn, antler, mammoth ivory and boxwood.




Late Middeleeuwen ca. 1270-1500

St. James shell the original is cast in tin (601)
the original is cast in tin
St. James shell
artikelnummer: 601
€ 11,95
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Flat St. James shell  (602)
Flat St. James shell
artikelnummer: 602
€ 3,50
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Small pilgrim`s staff price per pair (603)
price per pair
Small pilgrim`s staff
artikelnummer: 603
€ 11,95
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Bone beads for rosary  (621)
Bone beads for rosary
artikelnummer: 621
€ 0,40
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Rosary bead, red-brown plant dyed (622)
plant dyed
Rosary bead, red-brown
artikelnummer: 622
€ 0,45
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Cross Mechelen (B) Bone (626)
Cross Mechelen (B)
artikelnummer: 626
€ 8,75
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