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Backgammon bord Gloucester (UK) (nr. 903)

bone on wood

Backgammon, or tablulae (tables) in Latin, is an ancient board-game for two players, who each start with 15 playing pieces. The pieces are placed on the sharp triangles drawn in each of the halves of the board, and moved according to the roll of two dice. The player who managed to get all his pieces to the opposite side wins.

For the two halves of this backgammon board, over 150 small bone tablets are fixed on the wooden support with iron rivets. They are engraved with the 24 arrows or triangles necessary to the game, and the middle part is decorated with fabulous animals resembling dragons, a warrior fighting a dragon, and boar hunt.


dimensions: 600 x 240 mm

provenance: Gloucester (UK)

date: 11th century AD

Backgammon bord Gloucester (UK) bone on wood (903)
price € 1.950,00
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