Specialist maker of historical objects in bone, horn, antler, mammoth ivory and boxwood.




Toggle from deer (nr. 975)

The buzz-bone (also called buzzer, buzz, bullroarer or whirligig) has been used since prehistoric times. They come in two main types. One is a long shape made of bone, ivory or wood, pierced at the top. The other was originally made from the phalanx bones of even-toed ungulates. This buzz-bone is pierced is the middle, the cord is run through the hole 4 times, then the two ends are knotted. The buzz-bone is whirled by winding the cord while holding the ends stationary, then alternately pulling and releasing the tension on the cord. The whirling produces the sound. After the Middle Ages, buzzers are made in the shape of a disc (of lead, for example) pierced with two holes.


dimensions: ca 55 mm

Toggle from deer  (975)
price € 5,95
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