Specialist maker of historical objects in bone, horn, antler, mammoth ivory and boxwood.




Composite Roman hairpin (nr. 510)

bone and horn
Roman ladies used one or more hairpins to put up their long hair. The simplest hairpins end in a round head, but more elaborate – and thus more expensive – ones were also used, with ends sculpted into a human face or a whole human body. Hairpins were made of different metals and also of bone. In the 1st century AD, Roman hairpins were quite long, because the fashionable hairstyles were tall. In later centuries, the length of the hairpins decreased.


dimensions: 85 mm, diameter of head 13 mm

provenance: South Shields Roman Fort (UK)

date: 2nd – 4th century AD
Composite Roman hairpin bone and horn (510)
price € 9,95
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