Specialist maker of historical objects in bone, horn, antler, mammoth ivory and boxwood.





Bone button white oval (222)
Bone button white
artikelnummer: 222
€ 1,95
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Bone button red/brown oval, plant dyed (223)
oval, plant dyed
Bone button red/brown
artikelnummer: 223
€ 1,95
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Flat bone button with two holes (225)
with two holes
Flat bone button
artikelnummer: 225
€ 0,80
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Cloak button round lathe turned (231)
lathe turned
Cloak button round
artikelnummer: 231
€ 5,95
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Cloak button sound red/brown lathe turned, plant dyed (232)
lathe turned, plant dyed
Cloak button sound red/brown
artikelnummer: 232
€ 5,95
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Cloak button halfround bone (233)
Cloak button halfround
artikelnummer: 233
€ 5,95
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